B2B Platform

Wealth management
  • Wealth management;
  • Asset management;
  • Investment consulting;
  • Financial outsourcing;
  • Investment projects and portfolios analysis;
  • Insurance;
Legal support
  • Creation and Administration of Trusts and Foundations;
  • Tax Planning;
  • Other Legal Matters within the Jurisdictions;
  • Conveyancing and Property Law;
  • Tort Law including Medical Negligence;
  • International Structuring;
  • Inheritance Planning;
  • International Immigration;
  • Services Philanthropy and Charity;
  • Business Legal Support;
  • Commercial and Contracts.
Tailored suits
  • Providing high quality apparel using the finest material;
  • Handcrafted pieces measured perfectly to the wearer;
  • Unique designs;
  • Bespoke tailoring service.
Alternative Investments
  • Elite urban or countryside real estate support in Russia and abroad;
  • Venture capital investment;
  • Art-banking;
  • Collector wines
  • Vintage cars;
  • Stamps, coins;
  • Watches and jewelry;
  • Antiques.
Life insurance
  • Provide financial protection to your family;
  • Create guaranteed targeted savings;
  • Administer the inheritance process;
  • Invest and earn income, while maintaining a guarantee of invested funds return subject to policy terms;
  • Protection from accidents;
  • Compensations;
  • Obtain health insurance for foreign travels.
  • Individual attention from experts;
  • Requirements for Castle Family Office members.
Concierge & Lifestyle
  • Purchasing solution;
  • Air tickets reservation, yachts and cars rent;
  • Booking apartments, villas, rooms;
  • Visa support, obtaining residence and citizenship in foreign countries;
  • Overseas real estate management;
  • Legal, financial, notary support
  • Planning foreign education;
  • Private aircraft.

The Castle Global Asset Allocation Fund (“CGAAF”) is Castle Family Office’s exclusive solution that combines the flexibility of a global open architecture structure with the safety and stability of Singapore’s regulatory environment; all covered under the privacy and confidentiality of a Singapore-domiciled Unit Trust. The CGAAF aims to provide an efficient and effective investment solution for investors worldwide who are looking for unique solutions to matters such as personal financial and estate planning, diversified investments and assets management, and income generation.

Investment Advisory

Our Business Partner – Investment Advisory company provides feasible solutions to clients in order to achieve their investment goals.

Asset Management

Our Business Partner - Asset Management company provides services for the creation and administration of mutual funds since 1999. They have unique funds in their portfolio. They structure your funds in the format of an open or closed unit investment fund.

  • Security and ease of financial technologies,
  • Unique and innovative platform for companies, financial professionals and their clients.


  • Global Marketplace;
  • Smart aggregator;
  • Robo-adviser;
  • Market watch system;
  • Wealth planning system.

Master account

  • Investment Banks;
  • Private Banks;
  • Family Offices;
  • Wealth Management Companies;
  • Asset Management Companies;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Art, antique, gem stones, venture; investment companies;
  • Other alternative investment companies;
  • Luxury segment companies.
Control communication through the platform
  • Interact and chat;
  • Cross sales process;
  • Encrypted messages.