17 January 2019943

Russia buys BTC

As part of a tense information war between Russia and the West, publishers such as The Telegraph are trying in every possible way to decorate the covers of their publications with motley, and most importantly, loud headlines. The case of a possible purchase by Russia of BTC as opposed to Western sanctions as part of the process of dedolarization is a big deception that has spread to the entire media community.

The Telegraph turned Academician Vladislav Ginko into a Kremlin economist, blowing his sayings up to plans for the scale of the country. The extraordinary idea of Russians converting their risks into Cryptocurrency, especially at current price levels, was to their liking and, as many understand, this bloated news could carry a special speculative character. Such a format for converting risks to Russia is unlikely, as it will lead to even greater risks.

Eldiyar Muratov for RBK