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Welcome to Castle Family Office’s Careers!

Each employee of Castle Family Office is a unique experience and knowledge.

Our company focuses on terms of individual development for employees. We offer attractive career opportunities.

We create all necessary preconditions that allow our employees to develop and achieve their goals together with Castle Family Office.

Castle Family Office prides itself on attracting and developing best staff of the industry.

We believe that well-chosen team plays a key role in our business.

Castle Family Office employs specialists of different levels and degrees. Experienced experts as well as young and promising individuals out of the best universities may find a job in Castle Family Office.

Together with Castle Family Office, you have a great chance to contribute to your own success and professional development.

We are a dynamically developing and growing entity that allows employees to acquire new experience and build a corporate career.

We live in different countries and speak different languages, but our values unite us and make a real family!

We are looking for not just employees, but likeminded people.

Please send us your CV if you want to join Castle Family Office.

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Easy access to your workplace gives a feeling of home away from home. Our offices are located in historical and key parts of cities providing with a choice of convenient access for both owners of personal vehicles and people who prefers a public transport. As a bonus, you will receive beautiful views and nearby sights!


New job is always new people. Your achievements will be appreciated whether you are a young and talented individual or well-experienced specialist. You are helping to grow the company and we help you to grow and develop!

Find your voice

Our company is not only a place where you help to implement plans of executives. Your worthwhile and quality ideas will be heard. We encourage our staff to be initiative and creative helping to achieve their goals!

Global approach and career opportunities

Our achievements are as wide as our thoughts. Work in a global company with an international team of professionals and be passionate about the process. Open up wide career opportunities!