Client Onboarding and Benefits

1. To become a Castle Family Office B2B Platform private client, you are required to complete and submit an application form, together with relevant supporting documents for our KYC/AML and due diligence process.

3. After choosing your desired business partner and solution, you can start structuring you’re your investment portfolio according to your needs and requirements.

2. Upon approval, you will be able to choose from one of the following business partners that best suits you*:

*Approval of your application is subject to our due diligence results.


Complimentary Annual Concierge Membership to all Castle Family Office clients

For non-clients, Annual Concierge Membership is worth USD 7000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

Access to our global services:

  • Castle Alternative Investments —  Passion and Real Asset Investment, Purchase, Management, Sale, Storage, Valuation, and Insurance across all luxury assets.
  • Wealth Management  —  Our Business Partner – Wealth Management company provides feasible solutions to clients in order to achieve their investment goals.
  • Investment Advisory  —  Our Business Partner – Investment Advisory company provides feasible solutions to clients in order to achieve their investment goals
  • Asset Management  —  Our Business Partner - Asset Management company provides services for the creation and administration of mutual funds since 1999. They have unique funds in their portfolio. They structure your funds in the format of an open or closed unit investment fund.
  • Castle Global Asset Allocation Fund – exclusive solution for investors worldwide.
  • Life Insurance — Our Business Partner - Life insurance company provides clients with protection and confidence against unexpected events.
  • Castle Legal Support  —  Trusts, Foundations, Estate Planning, Global Company Incorporation, Litigation, International Tax, Divorce, Corporate Services, Intellectual Property, Arbitration.
  • Castle Tailored Suits —   High-end bespoke tailoring for professional men and women.
  • Castle Fin Tech —   In view of modern technological trends, requirements, security and convenience, we have created a unique and innovative platform for businesses, financial professionals and their clients.
  • Castle Functional Training  —  Integrated Cross Functional Training to balance strength of mind, body, and soul.
  • Castle Concierge & Lifestyle Services  —  Global Concierge and Personal Assistance to manage all aspects of your life from anywhere in the world.

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