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14 February 2018 Panic rules lawless world of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen 70 percent from their record highs. The reason is that the market is too dependent on the mood of speculators, and not regulated like real money, analysts told RT.

12 February 2018 The Bank of Russia has reduced the key rate

The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia decided to reduce the key rate by 0.25 percentage points to 7.5%. This is reported by the press service of the regulator. "Annual inflation remains at a consistently low level. Inflationary expectations are gradually decreasing. Short-term inflationary risks have weakened. In this regard, the balance of economic and inflationary risks has shifted towards to the economy risks.

8 February 2018 Bitcoin faces a new bottom

Recently, the whole world was discussing the incredible rise of bitcoin. However, in January, bitcoin fell in price from 20 to 10 thousand USD, and for the first six days of February - up to 6 thousand USD. And the bottom, experts say, has not yet been broken yet. What are the reasons for this catastrophic collapse?

8 February 2018 The Central Bank has published a document of new type

The Bank of Russia has published a document entitled "The main directions of the financial technologies development for 2018-2020". It contains the main ways of development and plans for the innovative technologies introduction in the field of finance, and a roadmap that regulates the timing of the CB projects implementation in this sector. The new kind of documentation is not only for the market, but also for the regulator.

7 February 2018 The new failure: bitcoin goes to the bottom

Bitcoin broke the bottom, going below $6 thousand. Crypto currency is "clamped" around the world, as a result investors prefer to get rid of these assets. Forecasts of last year that crypto currency will reach $40 thousand, now it seems fantastic. In the near future, bitcoin can fail to $2-3 thousand, experts suppose.

6 February 2018 Why does China invest in Russian real estate?

The total volume of Chinese investments in Russian real estate is $170 million for four years (from September 2013 to October 2017), according to the research by New Frontiers of Knight Frank company. According to this indicator, Russia took the sixth place among 69 countries participating in the Chinese program for "New Silk Road" creation.

31 January 2018 Cryptocurrency market continues to slide as regulation claws tighten

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were trading 10 to 23 percent lower on Monday, as news about tighter regulation continues to wreak havoc on the market. The biggest Nordic bank, Nordea, sent a memo to all its employees on Monday, warning that they are now prohibited to trade in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies due to their “unregulated nature,” Bloomberg reports.

18 January 2018 Bitcoin crash through the eyes of analysts: what should investors and miners do?

Bitcoin has crashed: for one day his course collapsed by 25%. On the 17th of January, the price of the most common crypto currency fell to $10,000. Bitcoin was not so cheap since the 1st of December 2017. Many Russians, who invested the last money in equipment to mine the bitcoins during their growth, began to panic. On the one hand, the question arises: is it time to get rid of a cheaper asset? On the other hand, there is a hope that the bitcoin rate will resume its growth.

17 January 2018 4 reasons why you need to invest in Russia in 2018

Even though 2018 is already in full gear, there’s still time to launch and develop your business plans in Russia. Let’s take an objective look at the factors that will impact the country’s economy over the coming year.

16 January 2018 Thefts of the crypto сoins from the investors' purses will cease

Bitcoin, as the world's largest crypto currency, increased by 1.900 percent in 2017. But, as prices approached the mark of $ 20,000 in December 2017, investors started to consider the possibility of profit-making by reinvesting in alternative crypto currencies, making such alternatives grow in leaps and bounds, the President of Singapore Castle Family Office Eldiyar Muratov told to IA REGNUM.

11 January 2018 Crypto-currency 2018

Eldiyar Muratov, President of the Singapore Castle Family Office: 2018 invites us all to a new innovation cycle - the Sixth Wave of Kondratiev, which should last until 2060. This period is correlated with the rapid development of NBIC convergence (nano, bio, information and cognitive technologies). Many believe that the Blockchain technology is the gateway to this cycle.

11 January 2018 Crypto-currency prospects in 2018

2017 was the year of Crypto-currency. By mid-December, the capitalization of this market exceeded $500 billion, more than $3.8 billion was earned by the ICO. The bitcoin rate has grown by more than 1300% since the beginning of the year, we also saw almost 50% growth of Ethereum from the beginning of the year and witnessed the start of many unique projects around the world.

9 January 2018 Laws in 2018, which can change the lives of Russians

In 2018 important laws will be considered, which must enter into force during the year. Roman Alekseev, the Head of the Legal Department of Castle Family Office in Russia and the CIS, told about these documents to RG.

27 December 2017 When is it more profitable to buy an apartment in 2018 and where?

When is it more profitable to buy an apartment in 2018 and where? The previous year saw prosperity for those who bought apartments in Russia for the long term. Prices have since fallen. For those who had bought apartments for investment purposes, however, did not prosper. How should one plan for 2018? What should we look out for and what should we take note of?

26 December 2017 Crypto-currency will solve the problem of money printing

"The world community has already changed its exchange currency for several times: gold replaced barter; paper money replaced gold; bitcoin and other crypto-currency will replace paper money as a transaction currency", said Eldiyar Muratov, President of Singapore Castle Family Office.

25 December 2017 Crypto-currency will have many forms in 2018

2017 has set the precedence for the value of crypto-currency with Bitcoin almost reaching the USD20,000 mark, showing the most dizzying rally for the entire year of 2017 year.

14 December 2017 Don't Get Carried Away With Bitcoin, Here's Why

Bitcoin has been the talk of the town lately as prices have skyrocketed above $16,000. This was supported by the launch of futures contracts by exchanges such as CBOE, CME and NASDAQ. The market views this as a possible legitimization of the cryptocurrency, hence pushing price higher.

8 December 2017 Unsecured loans will be less accessible

The Russian credit market may inflate a bubble, not in the mortgage sector, which has recently been growing thanks to government support and the reduction in rates by banks, but in the unsecured lending sector.This danger was noticed by the Minister of Economic Development, Maxim Oreshkin, who also commented that the growth of unsecured lending in Russia is increasing rapidly.

4 December 2017 The Samurai Labor Code

Guaranteed employment after the university. No threat of dismissal. Clear system of bonuses and promotions. Quiet work in one company throughout life. Banki.ru decided to find out whether it's good or bad - lifetime employment. And is it possible in the modern economy?

1 December 2017 BAE Systems: Ride The Defense Spending Wave

BAE Systems (LON:BAES) (BA/ LN) is a high-quality UK-based defense company currently going through a correction due to concerns over Qatar’s spat with Saudi Arabia, possibly affecting its Eurofighter orders. With increasing geopolitical tensions around the world, global defense budgets are now set to grow north of $2 trillion by the end of 2026. And weapon systems manufacturers such as BAE Systems are especially well-placed to benefit from this trend.

29 November 2017 Too low inflation is dangerous by the cooling of the Russian economy

As many people think, the deterioration in the life of the population of Russia is directly proportional to the inflation growth and vice versa. Is it really?! The situation in the country was commented by the President of the Singapore Castle Family Office Eldiyar Muratov.

28 November 2017 Mining farms will rise in price by 50%

The bitcoin rate is approaching the $ 10,000 mark. The prices for crypto-currencies production equipment are also rising at not less rapid rates. Mining farms and ASIC miners in the last two weeks have risen in price by 20% and will continue to rise until the end of the year.

27 November 2017 It's best to follow the course for tax policy

The collection of taxes in the federal budget is the basis for the country's economic development. This was stated by the Head of the government, Dmitry Medvedev, in the congratulatory telegram for employees and veterans of the Federal Tax Service. According to Medvedev, FNS employees who provide the budget with fees from business and the population "fulfill the most important state task", on which "the successful economic development of the country depends".

24 November 2017 Mining can be the first word a baby says

Crypto currency is one of the top online requests lately. More and more gamers and IT professionals are converted to the home miners category. More and more entrepreneurs and investors are considering production on an industrial scale, the president of the Singapore Castle Family Office Eldiyar Muratov said to IA REGNUM.

23 November 2017 Ruble remains uncertain

The medium-term goal is at 65 rubles per dollar, the expert said. This week, the ruble has become to move behind oil quotes. But do not think that everything has returned to the previous channel, the Head of Private Solutions Department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS, Andrey Diachenko, said to IA REGNUM.

23 November 2017 Kerimov's detention is connected with the opening of accounts outside France

There is a strict law to combat non-payment and tax evasion in France. It is difficult to judge the Kerimov's role in this whole story with the Villa Hier on Cape Antibes. However, if French law enforcement bodies succeed in proving that he was the ultimate beneficiary of the entire scheme and the transactions chain, then he will be prosecuted in criminal and administrative order, the Head of the Legal Department of Castle Family Office in Russia and CIS, Roman Alekseev, said to IA REGNUM.

23 November 2017 The euro exchange rate fell below 69 rubles

The euro exchange rate on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell below 69 rubles, according to the auctions data.The last time the euro fell below this level on 13th November this year. So, at 16:19 for Moscow time the euro was offered 68.98 rubles - a decrease of 0.46 rubles. The dollar rate by this time amounted to 58.7175 rubles (minus 0.46 rubles).

21 November 2017 Сhats - the most "male" channel for communication with the bank

Most male clients (60%) prefer to communicate with the bank with instant messengers help. At the same time, the phone and the verbal conversation are still the "female" channel of communication with the bank. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the bank "Russian Standard", having studied the behavior of clients in remote communication channels.

20 November 2017 Should we take the mortgage right now?

Banks are actively issuing mortgage loans. For three quarters of 2017, the increase in issuance compared to last year was 25%. Banki.ru figured out whether to take a mortgage right now, or better wait for further rate cuts. And at the same time, banki.ru found out what mortgage analogues exist on the market.

20 November 2017 Bitcoin took the line of 8000 USD

The bitcoin rate updated the historical maximum. Crypto currency was offered more than 8 thousand dollars during the auction on Friday. Meanwhile, bitcoin quickly slowed its growth. At 13:35 by Moscow time, he was trading at $ 7,819, according to Coinmarketcap. At the same time, the capitalization of the crypto currency has reached 130.4 billion dollars.

20 November 2017 Why do paintings cost $450 million?

Last week, at Christie's auction in New York, a new record was set - the picture of Leonardo da Vinci "Salvator Mundi" was sold for $ 450.3 million, becoming the most expensive art object sold at auction, writes Forbes.

17 November 2017 Storage tank for import substitution

The development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) production in Russia opens a perspective market for storage tanks. Will metallurgists provide gas producers with domestic production tanks?

16 November 2017 The ruble took a pause

In the Russian currency market is the rest on 16th November. This is partly related with the general cooling of activity that appeared in the last days in the world, Andrey Diachenko, the Head of the Private Solutions department of the Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS, said to IA REGNUM.

16 November 2017 Russians intend to buy more

According to a Sberbank CIB survey called the "Ivanov Index" (a typical representative of the Russian middle class), in the second quarter the indicator was minus 15%, but improved to minus 12% in the third quarter. Bank experts noted that the index demonstrates a positive trend since the end of 2015, and the growth of all components of the index.

16 November 2017 There is less than 1% of world wealth in Russia

The population of the Earth has become considerably rich over the past year. The cumulative welfare indicator has increased by 6.4% since the middle of 2016 and reached 280 trillion dollars. The distribution of wealth in the world clearly does not correspond to the justice ideals: half of the wealth is owned by only 1% of the population. In Russia, the stratification of society is even greater. Over 80% of Russian citizens do not actually have significant free assets. Such conclusions are made in Credit Suisse's report.

16 November 2017 Oil in confusion

The contradictory news and numerals that entering the market start to lead players into confusion, Andrey Diachenko, the Head of Private Solutions department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and CIS, said to the IA REGNUM. So, the analytical review of OPEC should have brought optimism in connection with their forecast of consumption growth.

15 November 2017 The weakening of the ruble will decrease

A short stop just above the mark of 59 RUB per USD, as expected, was only a temporary respite before the continued weakening of the national currency, the Head of the Private Solutions Department of the Сastle Family Office in Russia and CIS, Andrey Diachenko, said to REGNUM.

13 November 2017 How to do mining and how to invest in crypto?

There is an opinion that the complexity of the calculations required for the production of crypto currency is increasing, and the reward for the extraction of blocks in the chain of the most popular crypto currency - bitcoin - is decreasing every year. Whether it is worth mastering the profession of the miner or better watching the process from the outside? Experts in the field of cryptocurrency shared their views with Bitnewstoday.

13 November 2017 The ruble exchange rate is a "scrap" that affects everyone in the zone of its operation

The ruble exchange rate was one of the topical issues for Russian citizens in 2018. What will happen to the price of the national currency, is it worth waiting for sharp jumps, and whether it is necessary to buy dollars "for future use"? This was said by Andrey Dyachenko, Head of Private Solutions Department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and CIS.

13 November 2017 The dollar tends to 65 RUB

The growth in oil prices, which began in September, is partly the result of the active position of OPEC and the balance achieving of supply and demand in the market of Russia. In part, this growth is supported by speculative interests. Especially it is felt in the last 2-3 weeks, the head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS Andrey Diachenko said to the REGNUM news agency.

13 November 2017 Without a patent in the head

The number of own inventions in Russia has reached a catastrophically low level in comparison with foreign ones, modernization and innovations are being replaced by "technological dependence".

10 November 2017 How much will bitcoin cost?

For several weeks, the bitcoin rate updated the record and exceeded the historical maximum of $ 7 thousand in the beginning of November. Bloomchain asked the experts what will happen next with the price of bitcoin, and when will it reach the ceiling.

9 November 2017 Garage vs. Hotel: Which mining option is most profitable?

There is an opinion that the complexity of calculations required for the production of cryptocurrency is increasing, and the reward for creating blocks in the chain of the most popular cryptocurrency - bitcoin - decreases every year. Whether it is worth mastering the profession of miner or better to observe the process from the outside? Experts in the field of cryptocurrency shared their views with Bitnewstoday.

8 November 2017 The ruble entered the loss zone and was left without support

Andrey Diachenko, Head of the Private Solutions Department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS: "Today, the exchange rate of the ruble may have a short-term impact of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. It is unlikely that after its results we will hear unexpected statements, but the tone or "temperature" of these words is likely to affect the activity of players".

7 November 2017 Oil striking upwards

The trend of rising oil prices to values that have not been observed since 2015 will continue, as demand and supply of crude oil have restored their balance. This trend is especially evident against the backdrop of the economic recovery of the European Union and Asia, which will only intensify.

7 November 2017 When will bitcoin collapse and what stands behind cryptocurrency hype?

There is a widespread opinion often met in the media that crises taking place across the world increase the demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Recently there has been some suggestions that confrontation between the US and Korea fueled interest in cryptocurrencies. Is the cryptocurrency market so sensitive to all sorts of political games, and is it true that it’s just a pyramid and that bitcoin will crash soon, Bitnewstoday figures out.

3 November 2017 The price of pleasure

Every day we pay for beauty and aesthetic pleasure, but we don't realize it. Almost every product has its own hedonistic price. But do we understand what is it composed of and how much do we overpay for it?

3 November 2017 Why can bank block your companie's account?

According to the "Business Russia", about 500 thousand entrepreneurs have faced massive denial of operations and blocking of accounts since the beginning of 2017. What happened to the banks?

31 October 2017 Artificial intelligence will bring Binbank 1 billion rubles in 2018

Binbank will launch artificial intelligence technology in dealing with arrears in the retail business.The program will identify clients who need reminders and consultations and those borrowers with whom it is pointless to contact. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the bank will be able to save 1 billion rubles in 2018.

30 October 2017 Oil will cost about $60

OPEC will unveil its global forecast for the world economic development and its estimates of the supply and demand ratio to hydrocarbons in the medium term on 7th November, said Andrey Diachenko, Head of the Private Solutions department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS.

30 October 2017 Ruble in reverie at the crossroads

The Russian currency market is in active expectation, weighing the factors "for" and "against", and deciding where to go next, the Head of Private Solutions Department of Сastle Family Office in Russia and the CIS, Andrey Diachenko, said to IA REGNUM. The US Federal Open Market Committee will announce its decision on interest rates in the evening on 1st November.

20 October 2017 Will of the King

King of Saudi Arabia Salman ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud arrived in Russia for negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The key topic of the negotiations could be an agreement on oil production, which expires in March: to prolong it or not. So far, there are serious reasons to believe that the effect of limiting production was weak - the fundamental factors affecting prices have practically not changed. And at the same time, there is a risk that the removal of quotas will lead to a further drop in prices, which nobody is interested in now.

20 October 2017 Gold as an insurance against sanctions

The Bank of Russia significantly increased the purchase of gold in international reserves amid a worsening of relations with the US, which threaten measures to tighten the sanctions regime. For the first nine months of this year, according to the regulator's statistics, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation acquired 4.2 million troy ounces of gold bullion with a market value of $ 5.3 billion.

20 October 2017 The trouble has come from where we did not expect

The problem of public debt in the southern countries of the EU has recently come to the fore: large-scale injections of money into the economies of countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece have shown positive results. However, the weekend referendum on the separation of Catalonia from Spain has frightened investors: the yield of government bonds has jumped above 1.7% per annum for the first time since July, pulling the assets of Italy and Portugal.

20 October 2017 Russians rushed to buy shares

After a sharp increase in the stock market, the Moscow Stock Exchange has fixed a strong growth in demand for assets from non-professional investors.

19 October 2017 How to make money on the collateral real estate?

The collateral real estate can be bought at a more favorable price than the market offers. But transactions with it involve a number of risks.The collateral real estate is a property that becomes the property of a creditor, for example a bank, if the borrower violates or does not fulfill obligations under the loan agreement secured by a pledge.

19 October 2017 Oil has fallen in price on emotions

The cost of raw materials was reflected by the events in Catalonia and Kurdistan. Spain's suspension of the status of the Catalonia autonomy on Thursday, October 19, thwarted oil prices from a growth trajectory, like most risk assets.

19 October 2017 It is too early to lose faith in the ruble

The potential return of sanctions against Iran, the suspension of oil supplies from Kurdistan and the growth of imports by China - a good combination for maintaining growing dynamics.

18 October 2017 Blok's poem: how to understand that your bank account will be blocked

Clients of the financial institutions often face blocking of their account or transactions, which, in their opinion, are perfectly legal. However, the bank may have a different opinion. Banki.ru has found out by what criteria it can be determined that you are at risk zone and your card or account will be blocked soon.

18 October 2017 Clothing production in Russia rushed to zero

The demand for the clothes made in Russia is falling, despite the growth in production. The slogan "Support the domestic producer"completely weakened the light industry. The fabrics are mainly foreign, the equipment is usually outdated, there are few domestic raw materials, home-grown labels are not named. To tell the truth, in September 2017, Russian consumers were revived: consumer demand was increased (surprisingly, taking into account the endless falling incomes of the population) for luxury clothing. But there are some negative nuances.

18 October 2017 Cryptoruble: The Kremlin gave the green light

The creation of a cryptoruble was a real mania for Russian officials. The regulatory framework for this issue will appear soon. But the operations with cryptoruble are taxed, so the cryptoruble will not be interesting for citizens and various companies. At the same time, it is hardly possible to switch to settlements between Russia and other countries in crypto-currencies: there are difficulties in the calculations of conventional national currencies, experts say.

18 October 2017 Tax on greed

The government has prepared a plan for a large-scale offensive on the cross-border Internet commerce - one of the few Russian markets showing steady growth in the recent years. Two ways of increasing taxes on goods of foreign online stores are already registered in concrete documents. They are the total increase of customs duties and the collection of VAT.

17 October 2017 The country was divided by the share of budgetary places in universities

The possibility of obtaining higher education in Russian Federation highly depends on the region. In Novosibirsk, Kursk, Ryazan and Moscow, half of applicants go to paid education. At the same time, there are a lot of regions in the country where there is almost no paid tuition - the share of budgetary places in universities exceeds here 75 or even 80%. Even more differences in the cost of education.

17 October 2017 Instead of weak banks will be several strong

Q.E.D As the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Russian Federation Vasily Pozdyshev stated, our banking system "catastrophically lacks large banks". "Competition, in our opinion, will be better if we have more large banks," Interfax reports the words an official at the Fitch Ratings conference. This will increase competition in the sector.

17 October 2017 CryptoRuble: does Russia have a viable alternative to Bitcoin?

Russia may soon issue its own official blockchain-based currency. The CryptoRuble will be fully controlled by the state and won’t have the decentralized nature of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin. Experts hope the CryptoRuble will simplify bureaucratic procedures, but blockchain enthusiasts might not support the idea of an official state cryptocurrency.

17 October 2017 What will happen to ruble, dollar and euro before the end of the year? Currency forecast

What difficulties can the ruble face before the end of the year, and what factors, on the contrary, could strengthen the national currency, Financial analysts said to AIF.ru. The aggravation of the situation in the Middle East and the consequences of the policy of the Bank of Russia - these two factors give the ruble the opportunity to complete the year more or less dignified than it was possible to assume in the summer, during the expansion of sanctions.

17 October 2017 New financial technologies will change humanity as a whole

The world is on the threshold of revolutionary technological transformations, the futurists say. And these changes will begin, apparently, with the introduction of new technologies in the banking sector. Technologies will not only give humanity new opportunities, but also radically transform public morality. How exactly will this happen and how will the new humanity look like?

16 October 2017 Temporarily pregnant or how to dismiss a decree

If a woman gets tired of work and routine, she has the opportunity to go on a decree. Russian legislation allows mothers to spend with a child for three years, and then return to their former place of work while maintaining their salaries. Naturally, many employers do not like this.

16 October 2017 Dollar and euro rates are announced by 2018

Stanislav Werner, Head of Private Solutions Department of Singapore Castle Family office - In the last week of September, the ruble is accompanied by a fair wind. The willingness of investors to invest in risky instruments, the situation in the energy market, and the demand for ruble liquidity allow the national currency to return to the values that were observed before the last meeting of the Central Bank.

16 October 2017 The Russian economy still does not think to slow down

The growth of Russian GDP in the third quarter, according to preliminary estimates, exceeded 2%, and statistics on the period can positively surprise, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said to reporters. "Estimates that will be above 2% is for sure," the minister replied to the question about his estimates of the Russian GDP growth in the third quarter. According to his words, statistics for the third quarter can positively surprise.

13 October 2017 Oil has restored optimism

The oil market completes the week in a positive way, but after the weekend the situation may develop in the opposite direction, the head of the Private Solutions Department of the Singapore Castle Family office, Stanislav Werner, said to REGNUM correspondent. Ivan Shilov IA REGNUM

13 October 2017 Ruble saves energy

The ruble continues to save energy before further weakening. Fortunately, the history is still dragging out and the reason for this is the dynamics of consumer prices, the head of the Private Solutions Department of the Singapore Castle Family office, Stanislav Werner, said to REGNUM correspondent.

13 October 2017 Americans are fond of investing in Russian assets

Alexander Afanasyev, chairman of the Board of the Moscow stock exchange, said at the MOEX Forum in New York that the Russian trading platform analyzed the statistics of investment funds that report on investments in Russia. According to the received information, over 50% of US investors' funds are invested in Russian assets. He specified that these figures include not only shares of Russian companies, but also depository receipts for these shares.

12 October 2017 Central Bank: no bank is insured

Vasily Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank, said that new sanations are not excluded in the banking sector in Russia, although they do not represent threats to the system. According to the official on the air of the TV channel "Russia 24", no bank is immune from a serious outflow of funds. At the same time, the financial and banking systems are working steadily, he affirms.

11 October 2017 In the global economy everything is OK - so it is beginning to frighten investors

Shares are expensive in the world today, but debts and money are cheap as never before. Appetite for profitability and risk from world investors does not pass, speculators are scouring the world in search of profit. And it is precisely this that alarms some professionals who have increasingly begun to talk about "bubbles" in the financial markets, which will certainly burst, and soon. This is always the case - the crisis comes just for a wave of general enthusiasm, excitement. The stronger was the euphoria - the deeper will be the decline, they scare. Business weekly" Profile "decided to understand whether the current situation on the world market is really dangerous.

10 October 2017 The ruble was given two days

In the next two days, the pressure on the ruble will weaken and it will be able to win back Monday's losses, analysts say. And already on Wednesday and Thursday, its dynamics will be determined on the basis of fresh data on the oil market.

10 October 2017 The Ministry of Finance assumed an unrealizable obligation

The first Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko has promised that the incomes of the population that are falling for the fourth consecutive year will be restored in the next three years. The statement was very surprised by the experts. In their opinion, the department takes upon itself an unenforceable obligation.

9 October 2017 State is for the depreciation of the ruble

Siluanov against too tight monetary policy As they say in the materials of the Ministry of Economic Development to the amendments to the budget of 2017, the authorities forecast the weakening of the exchange rate of the Russian currency against the dollar. As TASS writes referring to the documents of the ministry, in November the ruble will fall to 62.1 rub for the dollar, and in December - and up to 63 rub.

4 October 2017 Oil: US Energy Ministry will sort things out

The current correction in the oil market could turn into a full-fledged impulse downward, the expert said. Only local overbought restrains from the further lowering of the price of oil, Stanislav Werner, head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Singapore Castle Family office, said to IA REGNUM.

4 October 2017 The ruble will still fight

The Russian currency as long as possible delays the beginning of the decline. The dollar / ruble pair continues to resist actively the implementation of the negative scenario, which is already a foregone conclusion.

2 October 2017 The Central Bank gradually ceases the crisis

Since 2 October, the Central Bank ceases to increase the limits for all specialized refinancing mechanisms. These are the mechanisms of the crisis period, but now it is premature to say that it passed.

29 September 2017 In Russia it's easiest to become a simple millionaire

For the year 2016 the number of people, in whose hands is concentrated the liquidity amounting to more than $ 1 million, exceeded 16.5 million. In Russia, the number of millionaires is growing faster than in any other country and it's not the oligarchs.

29 September 2017 Is the participation in the ICO legal?

Is the participation in the ICO on the territory of the Russian Federation for the Russian resident legal? On both sides - for the project-issuer and for the investor-buyer?

29 September 2017 Who undermined the Russian financial sector: where it is safe to store savings

The number of banks that are experiencing financial problems is growing every day. Among them, there are such large credit organizations, for example, as FC Otkritie and Binbank. Now, these institutions are in the process of recovery. As they said in the Central Bank, their sanation will take eight months. Meanwhile, Citibank closed half of the units in Russia. As follows from the report of the credit institution, for two years the number of individual clients decreased by 40% to 600 thousand people.

28 September 2017 It will be not easy for RUB

On September 28 the Russian ruble is actively resisting weakening, but the script of returning the dollar and euro to summer highs will not be avoided, Stanislav Werner, head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Singapore Castle Family office, said to IA REGNUM.

28 September 2017 Oil doesn't want to change the trajectory of growth

On September 28 oil prices demonstrate the unwillingness to turn off the growth trajectory. In the minds of investors remains the paradigm of the rebalancing of the market that was initiated by encouraging comments from OPEC and the IEA, Stanislav Werner, head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Singapore Castle Family office, said to IA REGNUM.

22 September 2017 The Fed is deploying the US monetary policy

Following the meeting of the Committee on Open Markets of the US Federal Reserve, the discount rate remained unchanged in the range of 1-1.25% per annum, but Federov simultaneously announced the beginning of the long-promised program of selling debt securities of the government and mortgage agencies that he had bought during the period from 2008 to 2014.

20 September 2017 Oil "tramples" on the approaches to $ 56

The energy market continues to accumulate forces to extend the growing trend. Quotations of the Brent brand are "trampled" on the approaches to the level of $ 56 per barrel for the fifth day in a row, preparing for an outcome with a happy ending, the head of the Private Solutions Department of the Singapore Castle Family office, Stanislav Werner, told a REGNUM correspondent.

20 September 2017 The growth of the ruble is questionable

The behavior of the ruble after the meeting of the Bank of Russia, at which the key rate was lowered by 50 bp. to 8.5%, suggests that the new highs for the Russian currency before the end of 2017 already, apparently, not see, said the correspondent BakuToday the head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Singapore Castle Family office Stanislav Werner.

4 September 2017 The ruble will gain strength

The Russian currency will try to win back today's losses, once again approaching the level of 57.50, said the expert

30 August 2017 What can scammers do, knowing the series and number of your passport?

Everyone had to repeatedly indicate passport data, cooperating with various organizations. They are asked to provide when hiring, receiving parcels, making passes, sim cards, bank cards and even discount cards. However, lawyers warn that cases of fraud with passport data are quite common. Especially one should be attentive on the Internet and enter passport data only on proven resources, for example, official websites of a government agency or state services website.

30 August 2017 How the "Discovery" Avoid Closure

In the extremely worrisome for the banking community of the problems of Bank Otkritie, finally there was clarity: the Central Bank intervened in the situation.

29 August 2017 The exchange rate of the euro exceeded 72 rubles

Buy and sell bitcoins should only qualified investors on the exchange. This was stated by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. According to him, for "ordinary people" such investments are too risky. At the same time, the agency proposes not to call bitcoin currency, but consider it a financial asset.

29 August 2017 OPEC + is forced to leak

As the Wall Street Journal reported referring to its own sources, Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to extend the agreement on reducing oil production after March 2018.

29 August 2017 The Russian economy will not save even vegetables

According to official statistics, the release of some goods is growing at a significant pace. In Russia, they began to produce more clothes and shoes, and almost a half times increased the production of certain products. What is the secret of unprecedented prosperity and whether it means that the economy finally emerged from the recession, found out "Lenta.ru."

28 August 2017 The dollar is inert against the ruble

The disposition in the domestic foreign exchange market will depend on the development of the situation on the energy market, the expert said.

24 August 2017 The "perfect storm" is approaching the ruble

The number of American speculative investors' rates to weaken the ruble for the second week in a row exceeds the number of rates to strengthen it, RBC reports referring to the US Commission on Trade in Commodity Futures.

24 August 2017 The debt market in front of Jackson Hole

In the opening summit of the heads of the world's Central Bank in Jackson Hole, which will be held from August 24 to August 27, the main intrigue will be the speech of the heads of the Federal Reserve and the ECB, or rather, how they see the state of their economies and the global economy as a whole before the September meetings of regulators.

23 August 2017 Will everything be decided in Jackson Hole?

The investment public is accustomed to the fact that the annual banking symposium in a resort town in Wyoming, the USA, shows the world turning points in the policy of the world's leading CB.

22 August 2017 Brothers Bitcoena: a new golden bubble

The bitcoin rate is preparing to overcome a new record mark of 4,500 dollars. A few months ago, when he was trading almost twice cheaper, many analysts thought that the most popular crypto currency was greatly overrated.

21 August 2017 Brokers do not expect a default

August is an alarming month for Russians. In memory of the economically active population of the middle and older age, August 1998 crashed, when a ferocious couple hit them at once: default and devaluation of the ruble.

17 August 2017 "Minutes" supported the Eurobond market

The minutes of the July meeting released on Wednesday showed that the Fed's leadership is increasingly concerned about "sluggish inflation" and some of its members called for a suspension of the increase in the key rate. Assuming that the recovery of inflation to a 2% target will take "a certain amount of time," the rate increase will be postponed to a later date (late 2017 early 2018).

16 August 2017 Black quarter

Every fourth salary in Russia is "black", they were counted in the Rosstat, and the debts of employers to workers on "white" wages reached almost 3.5 billion rubles. According to experts, there is a chance to turn the situation into a positive channel.

15 August 2017 Up? Down? The dollar will not be determined

The US Treasury in the fourth quarter, plans to attract 501 billion dollars to the market through government bonds. As follows from the forecast plan published by the committee on loans of the US Treasury, the volume of borrowing will be a record for nine years. This can lead to a shortage of dollars in the market and, accordingly, a sharp increase in demand for it.

15 August 2017 "Rosneft" became the record holder for deductions to the state budget

RBC, as part of the study "The largest taxpayers in Russia," estimated that last year 50 companies provided almost half of tax revenues to the Russian budget. And the main budgetary donor is still the fuel and energy complex. "FederalPress" was aware of the figures and indicators of the main donors of the state budget.

11 August 2017 Why banks began to "run off" money at a frantic pace

The Bank of Russia, when inspecting credit institutions, opened a scheme that allows them to receive money almost from the air. As Finanz writes with reference to a source familiar with the results of inspections of the regulator, banks "draw" on the balance sheet securities included in the Lombard list of the Central Bank, on the security of which the regulator can get a loan. The volume of such loans within repo transactions, according to the publication, soared 14 times over the month - from 42 to 583 billion rubles.

8 August 2017 The dollar did not pass the strength test

As Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said, Russia will be forced to begin a gradual refusal to use the US dollar and American payment systems in the calculations. The reason for the refusal should be American sanctions against Russia.

7 August 2017 The ruble should prove itself

Attention shifts to the relative undervaluation of the ruble against the background of the past "rally" in the energy market, the expert said.

4 August 2017 Implications of new U.S. sanctions for the Russian debt market

Despite the fact that the US President Donald trump on Wednesday signed a bill to expand anti-Russian sanctions, debt market Russian Eurobonds virtually ignored this news, as it was obvious that such that has led to the fact that the news was already inherent in market prices.

4 August 2017 The ruble jumped as a result of sanctions

Despite the introduction of new US sanctions against the Russian Federation, Russian assets feel very, very good. It's not just a matter of conjuncture.

1 August 2017 In August, oil can take a course at $ 45

MOSCOW, August 1, 2017, 10:53 - REGNUM In August, oil prices will be ready to top the list for the next few months. The growth potential is already low, and the likelihood that the current optimism in the energy market will be interrupted after approaching the May peaks, located just above $ 54 per barrel, is high, Stanislav Werner, head of the Department of Private Solutions of the Singapore Castle Family office, told IA REGNUM.

1 August 2017 August shook the euro. How long will the ruble weaken?

For the first time since November last year, the euro rate exceeded the level of 71 rubles: on Monday at the auction of the Moscow stock exchange it reached 71.03 rubles. The official euro exchange rate, set by the Central Bank for tomorrow, is 70.7313 rubles (+27.1 kopecks).

31 July 2017 Speculators only apply sanctions

What with the fact that "Trump is marginalized, and Congress hates Russia"? Negative moods are your helpers, if you are looking for profitable purchases in the debt market, Bloomberg writes about the consequences of sanctions for investors in Russian instruments. And those who work with Russia are accustomed to risk, but they value local high rates and discounts to prices On assets.

30 July 2017 Sharia law business: how Islamic financial instruments conquer the world

Russia continues to live in conditions of sanctions. In particular, domestic banks are still cut off from Western capitals. This forces both authorities and companies to seek new sources of financing. And in this connection, more and more interest is from the eastern capital and those who issue it in the form of loans - banks whose work is built on the laws of the Sharia.

28 July 2017 Russia slides down in the world salary rating

More and more countries in the world can boast a higher level of wages than in Russia. Last year, China outstripped Russia in terms of average salaries in industry. And the latest statistics of Iran shows that the earnings in the Islamic Republic are much higher than in Russia. Even more impressive is the backlog of the Russian Federation in terms of the minimum payment. The Russian SMIC is half the size of the Chinese and three times less than the Iranian one. Report about the rapid growth of wages, even in Ukraine.

27 July 2017 The price grows, stocks fall, OPEC + works

The second day the market for raw materials is growing. Yesterday, Brent was able to overcome the psychologically important mark of $ 50 per barrel. The main reason for the increase in prices was the fall in oil and petroleum products in the US. It is estimated that they fell by 10.2 million barrels, according to the American Petroleum Institute. The data was also confirmed by the Energy Information Administration. According to the agency, the production for the week fell by 0.2%, to 9.4 million barrels / day. Reserves of oil in the country have been declining for 14 of the past 16 weeks.

27 July 2017 Ruble in early August will surprise everyone with its growth

Stanislav Werner, Head of Private Solutions Department of Singapore Castle Family office: - The ruble, however paradoxical it may be, may strengthen in early August. Emotional sales by non-residents of Russian government bonds are coming to an end, and the rise in oil prices makes it possible to return to sales of a more expensive currency.

27 July 2017 The pause of the Central Bank. The key rate will remain the same

Tomorrow, the board of directors of the Central Bank of Russia will consider the issue of the size of the key rate. At the previous meeting, on June 19, the mega-regulator reduced it only by 0.25%, to 9% per annum, although the market expected a more bold move. Experts predict that tomorrow the Bank of Russia will take a break and leave the indicator at the same level.

Oil prices deprived the Russian market of immunity from geopolitical tension

From Monday to Thursday, the Russian Eurobond market was arriving in a sideways movement, despite the fact that the situation between the United States and North Korea sharply deteriorated on Wednesday. Yields in sovereign Rus-43 and Rus-47 kept in the region of 4.92% per annum and 5.11% respectively. Statement of the DPRK on the use of missiles on. Guam caused an instant reaction from D. Trump, who promised to answer "with fire and fury, which the world had not seen before." Against this background, the US-10 showed a noticeable decline in yield from 2.27% to 2.22% per annum and in the US-30 from 2.86% to 2.80% per annum.