1. What is a Family Office?

    A family office is an organization established to service wealthy families in its entirety by providing access to a wide range of services such as taxes, estate planning, accounting/bookkeeping, investing, art, law, business management, just to name a few. A family office can be either a single-family office or a multi-family office.

    A family office is created to provide a high level of personalized and specialized service to high net worth families not usually addressed by traditional wealth managers and banks. We handle and execute all matters that will attribute to the overall success of a family. By engaging a dedicated team of professional individuals, with cross functional global expertise, the client/family can be assured that only their personal interests commands the activities in the organization.

    All in all, family offices offer a complete 360-degree solution to safeguarding significant wealth of families. 

  2. What is a Multi-Family Office?

    Unlike a single-family office, a multi-family office provides exclusive services to multiple affluent families by combining a cross-functional team complete with professional individuals who are devoted to the clients they work with. Through resources and expertise, a multi-family office has the ability and capability to handle and manage a wider scope of services and functions.

  3. How are family offices different from wealth management companies, private banks and/or asset managers?

    In one word…Independence

    Family Offices are not affiliated with any one bank, financial institution, or asset manager. Advice and management are completely objective and free from influence, because family offices are not limited by products from any one financial institution. Selection of financial products can be taken from all globally available options, to find the most suitable product for the client.

  4. What sort of client or member does Castle engage with?

    Our services are catered to high-net-worth families with total assets of approximately USD$5 Million, and above, and ultra-high-net-worth families with total assets of approximately USD$50 Million, and above. However, we are flexible with the minimum asset value requirement and will review every application thoroughly.

  5. Why is Castle so selective on its clients?

    Apart from providing the highest level of service and quality to our clients, Castle Family Office is required to adhere to the regulations and license of the relevant jurisdictions. 

  6. What is Castle Family Office’s History?

    Please see our History and About Us pages to learn more about who we are and where we came from.

  7. What is Family Office Platform?

    You can create a multi family office within the framework of your company!

    • Our client’s system exists as a secured online platform with fully encrypted channels. We have it as smartphones app which makes the system easily accessible in any part of the world where internet connection exists.
    • Our system gives you an access to the news stream and exclusive offers covering the broad spectrum of the family office activities.


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  8. What is B2B platform and who can use it?

    Our Fintech solution is

    • Unique CRM System
    • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
    • Back office support
    • Smart Aggregator
    • Niсhe Market place
    • Business Oriented Robo-advisor
    • Cyber security system
    • User-friendly and Supportive Interface
    • White Label Platform
    • Business capitalization improvement solution

    The Castle Family Office B2B platform provides corporations, dealing with HNW/ UHNW clients, with a market place, CRM, robo-advisor and support, enabling them to provide the best solutions to their clients.

    • Investment Banks
    • Private Banks
    • Family Offices
    • Wealth Management Companies
    • Asset Management Companies
    • Insurance companies
    • Art, antique, gem stones and venture investment companies
    • Other alternative investment companies
    • Luxury goods companies

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