Corporate membership

What can we offer to corporate clients?

  • Castle Family Office B2B Fintech platform

Who will benefit from these FinTech solutions?

  • Wealth Management companies and Asset Management companies
  • Single and Multi Family offices
  • Private Banks, Investment Banks and Qualified Independent Financial Advisors
  • Legal Support firms
  • Life Insurance companies and Alternative Investment companies

With Castle You Can Start Your Own Family Office Today!

Let FinTech do the sales job on your behalf!

  • Our FinTech platform is a secured online environment with fully encrypted channels. Access your profile and manage your business with our easy and convenient mobile application.
  • Our FinTech platform gives you full access to our news stream and exclusive offerings, which covers a wide spectrum of family office services.

Who will benefit from our B2B Platform?

1Wealth Management companies and Asset Management companies
2Single and Multi Family offices
3Private Banks, Investment Banks and Qualified Independent Financial Advisors
4Legal support firms
5Life Insurance companies and Alternative Investment companies

What you need to know about our Castle Family Office B2B Platform

It is a ready made businesss solution for all your business needs

1It is a hybrid of IT solutions and applications
  • CRM System
  • Market place for global offerings and solutions
  • Market watch system
  • Aggregator
  • Robo-advisor
  • Encrypted communication tool
  • Cross Sales system
  • 2Fast and easy process to onboard onto our B2B Platform for your business needs
  • Send us a request via our website
  • We will get back to you promptly to set up a meeting to discuss and understand your requirements
  • Finalise terms of business
  • Receive your master account details and start your business immediately. You will be able to communicate with your clients and partners through the B2B Platform and organize your business the way you like it
  • 3Integration of the B2B Platform into your business
  • Direct access to your master account via CASTLE-FAMILYOFFICE.SG
  • Create separate profiles, with individual log in and password details, for your clients and consultants
  • Under the Castle Family Office B2B Platform, you, your clients and your consultants will have access to a wide range of services and solutions provided by the global market
  • Gone are the days where you need to source for services and solutions. With Castle Family Office B2B Platform, everything is at your fingertips
  • For White Label service, the function of our B2B Platform remains the same except that the interface and platform will bear your company branding
  • 4Reap the benefits from using our B2B Platform
  • Purely share profit from concluded deals
  • Market your own products and business solutions through the B2B Platform
  • The ability to provide your clients with any service or solution without going to a third party
  • Stay in communication with your client wherever you are
  • Benefit from global solutions
  • Key advantages

    No capital investment required for building an infrastructure for your business.

    We provide you with the latest technology and guarantee that it is constantly updated.

    It is an effective solution.

    1. You get a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals internationally.

    2. You don't need to know the technicalities of running the business as this process will be managed by our relevant departments on your behalf.

    You get profits from the following streams.

    Distribution and profit pay outs for all the products and deals

    Take control of your communication with your clients.

    Unlike the conventional way where you forward cases to partners and risk losing control of the process and progress, the Castle Family Office B2B Platform allows you to stay in control, up to date and in constant communication with your clients. 


    How to become a client of Castle Family Office

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