Company structure

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  • Alternative investments is a way of investing in instruments that differs from standard investment solutions offered by the stock market, it may be described as an investment in "eternal" assets
  • The Castle Global Asset Allocation Fund is Castle Family Office’s exclusive solution to investors worldwide.
  • Concierge & Lifestyle Management – a series of services catered to providing ease and peace of mind to our members.
  • Castle Family Office provides legal assistance to our clients through renowned legal firms in all jurisdictions across the globe.
  • We work with top institutions to provide our clients with feasible solutions to achieve their investment goals.
  • Health and Life insurance provides clients with protection and confidence against unexpected events.
  • Individual attention from our experts on your training abilities and requirements for Castle Family Office members.
  • In view of modern technological trends, requirements, security and convenience, we have created a unique and innovative platform for businesses, financial professionals and their clients.
  • Personalized fashion style is an important feature that brings out confidence and comfort when pursuing your everyday goals.